Strategy Development

Strategic Development

Design and develop organizational strategy to generate reform in agriculture and health organizations.

  • Work with leaders to develop organizational vision, goals and strategies to address efficiency, productivity and output

  • Build internal consensus to address sustainability for organizational goals

  • Undertake and teach evaluation methods to tell you if you’re on mission, meeting your goals, on target strategically.

Project Management & Evaluation

Project Management & Evaluation

Help agriculture and health organizations create strategic focus, manage and evaluate programs and projects, and build capacity to sustain future development and growth.

  • Create systems that allow organizations to create strategic focus understood by stakeholder groups

  • Evaluate programs and projects to measure impact on the organization’s mission and goals, and teach evaluation methods for internal sustainability

  • Calculate and build internal capacity to sustain development and growth

  • Analyze your business systems to build understanding of how to build future growth and sustainability

  • Work with organizations on key projects to create stronger, more organizational-centric and successful outcomes.

Communication Analysis

Communication Analysis

Undertake communications analysis, message and audience evaluation, interpretation of technical messaging, and creation of appropriate messages to move technical information out of research and into the hands of the public to allow positive change.

  • Analyze the organization’s overall communications to measure impact and suggest messaging

  • Work with organizations on key communications projects to establish messaging, audiences and generate evaluative criteria.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Promote culture change through leadership development, problem solving, and decision-making. Promote sustainability through internal leadership and strong change management implementation.

  • Coach one-on-one with senior leadership in business management, development, communications

  • Group training sessions with management teams in leadership development in goal setting, strategic planning, communications/media training, consensus building, and more

  • Assist organizational leaders in change management from planning to implementation.

Giving Back

Giving Back

Provide charitable donations to other organizations or to individuals pursuing the same or similar goals as those of the Growing Global Solutions.

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